The Global Defi Investment Bank.

Yield from assets backing CZUSD burn CZF,
with profits building a rising price floor.


Safety in the storm.

    Market dumps, fud campaigns, hacker exploits, malicious bots. Our experience and technology protect against all threats.
    Devs abandon their community at the first sign of trouble. Not us. Our battle hardened devs fight for you no matter what.
    Weak projects rent liquidity from VC that disappears. Our treasury invests our assets to earn yield burning CZF for a rising price floor.

Fair Tribe.

FairTribe by CZodiac specializes in using CZUSD to create 100% fair launches.

  • Full Liquidity Funding
  • Minimal Cost
  • Advanced Flexible Tokenomics
  • Community Growth

To recommend a launch: or Telegram

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Earn Dogecoin every second without a single sell.
Rising price floor powered by a solar and wind GPU mining operation farm.
Silver Dollar 1:1 backed NFTs dropped to LSDT holders every $80 locked.
Hold LRT to Win Rabbit NFTs and receive $1/week for life in CZF airdrops.

Safe Yield.
Rising Floor.


CZF Chrono Pools

Burn CZF to earn rewards each block for the vesting period. Rewards can be fast forwarded from the future at a discount.

CZF Exotic Farms

Deliver liquidity tokens (LP) to earn vesting CZF. The amount of vesting CZF is equal to the value of the LP in CZF plus interest.


Safely earn high yield.

CZUSD is backed by a basket of stable USD assets which support its peg to $1.
Our dex frontend router,, provides easy trading of CZUSD and tokens backed by it.

Stake on Autofarm
Trade on Ellipsis

Nfts with yield.

An NFT series with regular releases of new creatures representing the cycle of Chinese Zodiacs.
All CZodiac NFT holders are airdropped CZF once a week, forever.

Trade on Treasureland

The Best of Defi.

Our partners include your favorite defi projects on BSC. We've built exclusive relationships with Autofarm, Ellipsis, Beefy, 1inch, Donkswap, DotDot and more.