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We deliver quality products to blockchain customers globally.

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FairTribe Partners -
Earn Free Products By Holding Deflationary Tokens.

CZ Numismatics (LSDT)

Collect rare US coinage
with 1:1 backed NFTs.

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DogeGod (DGOD)

Earn Dogecoin every second
without a single sell.

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GreenMiner (GEM)

Rising price floor with solar
and wind GPU mining.

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LuckyRabbit (LRT)

Hold LRT to get access to unique pools and win NFTs.

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Maximize Returns With Tested DeFi Tools.


Raising a deflationary token's price floor while generating new community rewards.

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Automatic demand for products delivered to stakers with minimal marketing expenditure.

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CZUSD liquidity investments supporting marketing tokens for new product launches.

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Defeat bots with reduced slippage, better swap routing, and built-in CZUSD support.

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Stake, swap, and more with trusted DeFi tools for the CZodiac ecosystem of tokens and NFTs.

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Loved By Thousands Around The Globe.

Quotation Mark
Jordi R.'s picture

Jordi R.

Barcelona, Spain

CZodiac is the only inversion that I survived and grow up in this bear and crazy market. Devs and team are always working for the investors. No matter what, the community and tribe family becomes stronger.

Quotation Mark
Mike Mike's picture

Mike Mike

Luzon, Phillipines

I'm mike, I've been in czred for over a year. The people here in czred are very nice and kind. We have love and unity, it's like we're a family. If you want to become a millionaire here in czred, just hold here and you will become a millionaire.

Quotation Mark
Jsizzle TheCnote's picture

Jsizzle TheCnote

Lake Stevens, United States

CZodiac has given me the opportunity to learn my personal investment profile. No other project has given me the time to figure this out. I have been given over a year and a half of investment holdings, and counting. It continues to be my longest standing benefit to date.

Quotation Mark
Spike The Great's picture

Spike The Great

Bangkok, Thailand

In the first week I was in CZodiac, I was just fouling around. But now I see the potential and the community is good and this project has a very loyal holder in me. I'm here for a long term because this project has much potential.

Quotation Mark
Sandra Kanya's picture

Sandra Kanya

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This project is one of the best we are here for a reason. We all are going to skyrocket and our best dev will make it happen. Now there is a lot of potential, many plans are cooking and soon will be present. So what are you waiting for. CZRED to the moon!

Grow With Our New Technology And Roadmap.

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Borrow CZUSD against your FairTribe token collateral.

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Red Chain

Our own community blockchain powered by CZR.

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Stake CZUSD and earn high APR while insuring CZodiac DApps.

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